New Book Releases: The Age of Reinvention, The Short Drop and The Man on the Washing Machine

A short round up of some new releases this month include a tale of a 21st century Gatsby, a political thriller and a quirky San Francisco mystery.

Age of Reinvention.jpg

Famous New York attorney Sam Tahar is living the American Dream: handsome, successful and married to an elite socialite with two children, he appears to have it all.  But his success has been built on a lie he told many years ago.  While in law school he and his best friend Samuel both fall in love with Nina.  After Nina chooses Samuel over him he leaves Paris for America and adopts the life story and origins of his best friend.  When the three unite twenty years later Sam’s lie is revealed and his perfect life begins too unravel.

The Age of Reinvention, Washington Square Press, 416 pp.


The Short Drop.jpg

The fourteen year old daughter of a powerful United States senator disappears and an intense nationwide search is conducted to find her.  Despite the relentless national attention the young girl is never found.  Ten years later, the senator, now the vice president, has launched a campaign to run for president.  When new information about the girl’s disappearance is uncovered, Gibson Vaughn, a hacker, is convinced by the senator’s former head of security to help find the girl. Vaughn agrees and during his investigation uncovers a dangerous conspiracy deep within the senator’s family that threatens everyone.

The Short Drop, Thomas & Mercer, 397 pp.


Man on the Washing Machine.jpg

Theophania Bogart, a reformed party girl, escapes London after a high-profile family tragedy erupts and attempts to create a new life for herself in San Francisco.  She appears to have found the perfect hiding place amongst her quirky and eccentric neighbors but as soon she settles into her new digs a series of murders force her out of hiding.  When she decides to investigate, things quickly get complicated when she realizes she has unwittingly been helping a smuggling operation.  The police don’t believe her, even after she is knocked out and imprisoned, and to make matters worse, her best friend appears to be the prime suspect.

The Man on the Washing Machine, Minotaur Books, 304 pp.